Retire Your Iron!!!

Imagine having lightning fast skis without ever plugging in your iron! Your time should be spent outside, not hot waxing and scraping your skis or board. 

The Vauhti line of liquid glide waxes is the stuff of dreams. Be a little open minded since it seems too good to be true, but I assure you this is not the case. For the best performing skis, day-in and day-out you will need 4 things:

Here is a typical day of skiing or riding, and how Vauhti is about to make it that much better.  Chances are you will spend a few hours enjoying the best part of your day, ripping along, big stupid grin on your face. Now your back at the car, and thinking about dinner, work, family, catching the newest episode of, “Mr. Robot,” and maybe about how you should really squeeze in some time to wax your very deserving skis or board. Here is where it all changes. Take your Polishing Cloth and Clean & Glide and wipe down all glide zones. Set your equipment aside while you take off your boots and put on your shoes. Now, grab your Vauhti liquid wax, apply it to the glide zones…you’re done. The next time you get out on the snow, brush out the glide zone and rip! This is real wax!  Go for that 30km-50km ski, or ride all damn day - this stuff has unreal durability!

There is no reason to bust out your iron any more, you can attach it to a placard and put it on the wall next to that Jackelope, or singing fish. We’ve got you covered on a range of temperatures, with LF, HF and even UF liquid products. What is most exciting is how this makes skiing and riding even better since you will have great glide every time you hit the snow.  What will you do with all your newly found spare time? Maybe stay out just a little bit longer? I know I will.

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