GW Cold Liquid Glide Wax

GW Cold Liquid Glide Wax

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Who knew you could wax your skis or board with your mitts on? It's nicer to be inside, but if temps do drop then reach for your bottle of GW Cold Liquid Glide Wax. New, cold snow calls for a tough, durable wax that still allows for speed, just what GW Cold was built for. Grab your warmest gloves and a bottle of GW Cold to take on those real-deal winter days.

To apply, use the sponge applicator, allow to dry at room temperature for at least 15 minutes, and brush out. 

Durability of our liquid glide wax line is maximized by first cleaning the base with our Clean & Glide product, and allowing the wax to dry at room temperature.

Temperature Range: 28 / 5 F (-2 / -15 C)