GF Carrot

GF Carrot

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The flagship or our GF line of kick waxes, GF Carrot is a must have for every wax box. This all-purpose wax sticks extremely well to skis at sub-zero temperatures. GF Carrot works best on old or coarse snow, starting at temperatures around 30 F (-2 C), and extends down to 10 F (-12 C) on hard-packed tracks. GF Carrot can be used alone or as a base wax for other K-Line products. This wax is also extremely wear-resistant.

Note: GF Carrot is specifically designed for old, coarse snow. For fresh snow, at 30 / 23 F (-2 / -5 C), the best option is GF Violet.

Temperature Range: 27 / 14 F (-3 / -10 C)

45 g